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The Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust would like to thank everyone for their ongoing interest in our Hidden Rivers Tours, these continue to be suspended due to the pandemic, but we are working on restarting them as soon as possible. If you would like to be informed when they become available again, please subscribe here; 

Even under normal conditions, our trained volunteers and qualified specialist caving guides from the Youth Hostel Association have many safety-related actions to consider, such as insurance, lighting, protective equipment, and imminent river flow forecasts.  Adding the potential for catching or spreading Covid-19 when our volunteers may need to physically assist guests through enclosed spaces has been judged too risky in the current climate.

The safety of our guests and tour guides is paramount to the trust and we are dedicated to ensuring our tours do not pose a health risk to any of them, or the wider public.

The Trust has also consulted, and takes into consideration, the advice and interests of many relevant organisations, including Network Rail, whose Triple culvert runs beneath the full length of the railway station, Sheffield City Council, who own the Megatron culvert, the South Yorkshire Bat Group, who act in the interests of the many bats that roost in the culverts, the Environment Agency, British Transport Police and the River Stewardship Company.
Without the support and expertise of these organisations your tour would be not only too risky but could also be damaging to the delicate river ecology.

Our culvert tours are thrilling and informative, and so you win twice by paying for a tour with the Trust, as all the profit from your ticket price goes toward maintaining and improving the River Sheaf and Porter Brook.

Meanwhile, if you have time on your hands, why not have a look at the HS2 consultants proposals for the Sheaf and Porter around Sheffield Station.  


and a link to the same content by 'The Sheffielder'  


Thank you for your patience, stay safe and look after yourself!  

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