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Moor Masterplans

The Sheffield Tribune recently published an article, highlighting two new housing-led neighbourhood masterplans for the city centre, produced by the Council and Homes England. Both sites could bring about important opening up and restoration of the Porter Brook. 


The first is next to Sheffield Station, Sheaf Square and the Q Park.

Image: Sheffield Station Campus, formerly the Sheffield Midland Station and Sheaf Valley Development Framework

(Sheffield City Council)

We previously issues a response, focusing on several issues on the now outdated Sheaf Valley masterplan back in 2019/2020.

It is still not clear from the limited information released whether the plan improves on the previous master plan or the equally weak draft Local Plan.


The second addresses the Moorfoot site and also the ‘Lidl site’ on St Marys gate, where the Porter Brook is either neglected or underground. 

Image: Moorfoot Masterplan (Sheffield City Council)

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