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Join the  Sheaf and Porter Rivers Trust.

An individual life membership costs only £10 , however if you could support our work a little more by a one-off additional donation, we would be very grateful.


Sheaf Trust (Draft) Aims and Objectives



Remind// Remember// Rediscover// Recover// Reconnect// Restore// Renaturalise the urban Sheaf and Porter river corridors



To promote and secure the improvement of the urban River Sheaf and Porter Brook for the benefit of Sheffield’s citizens, wildlife, businesses and visitors


  • Promote the regeneration and restoration of the urban Sheaf and Porter river corridors

  • To involve local people in improving the River Sheaf, its tributaries and its environment.


  • Promote awareness and celebrate the Sheaf and Porter for their significance to the historic and cultural heritage of Sheffield


  • Increase community involvement through environmental, cultural and artistic activities


  • To provide innovative solutions for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the urban Sheaf and Porter rivers and riparian land, to balance different interests and integrate multiple benefits – including but not limited to flood risk management, access and mobility, habitat enhancement, art and cultural heritage and recreation.


  • Carry out environmental improvements and practical conservation, to educate, encourage and support the local population


  • To raise funds and receive contributions where appropriate to finance the work.

  • To publicise and promote the activities of the Trust.


  • To make rules and standing orders for categories of members and their rights.


  • To organise meetings, training courses and events.


  • To work with similar groups and exchange information and advice with them.


  • Work with statutory and non-statutory agencies


  • Act as critical friend and/or (statutory) consultee to Sheffield City Council on planning decisions along the urban Sheaf and Porter river corridors


  • To take any lawful action which would help it to fulfil its aims.


Key Actions

a) Deculverting – the first priority is likely seizing the immediate opportunity at the Castle Market site where a 90m section of culvert is in an advanced state of decay and requires repair or removal. Other possible opportunities may arise from the master planning of the lower Sheaf Valley around the accommodation of High Speed Rail 2 at Midland Station – for instance the section of culverted river which runs between Ponds Forge leisure centre and Sheaf Street

b) Daylighting – whilst removal of the culverts under the railway tracks of Midland Station is probably unrealistic the potential of sinking light-pipes into the dark tunnels to allow fish and animal passage could be considered as part of the environmental mitigation of the scheme

c) Improved public access to existing open channel sections  and newly deculverted ones including access for fishing, kayaking and stewardship eg Pond Hill, Sheaf Gardens, Cutlers Walk, the Primrose etc

d) Marking,  and celebrating the concealed course of the river where it remains hidden for now, using public art, trails etc and guided visits using trained guides

e) Interpretation , wildlife and environmental functions and engagement with its neighbouring communities

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