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Explore our Rivers...
without getting your feet wet...
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River Sheaf Walk,
From Granville Square to Millhouses Park &
Hutcliffe Woods

Approx. 1 hour, 30 mins walking time in one direction.
The River Sheaf Walk can be very urban in places and is an incomplete riverside walk. Please bear this is mind, especially between Sheffield Station and Broadfield Park.

For the adventurous, we recommend walking from Sheffield Station to Dore & Totley Station. 
Approx. 2 hrs walking time in one direction, with a single train ticket costing under £3 per person for adults.

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River Sheaf Walk

Cafes, Bars and Toilets
- Sheffield Station - Toilets & Secure Cycle Parking.
- Climbing Works Cafe - Toilets & Cycle Parking.
- Tesco Abbeydale Superstore - Cafe, 
Toilets & Cycle Parking.
- Millhouses Park - Cafe, Pub, Toilets & Cycle Parking.

Sheaf Valley Cycle route
The River Sheaf Walk & the Sheaf Valley Cycle route is an overlapping and diverging emerging network.
While the Sheaf Walk is a long term project, to allow a leisure route along the banks of the river, from Castlegate to Dore & Totley Station, the Sheaf Valley Route is intended to be a direct, safe and high standard active travel route.

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