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Please note, some pages are blank, as the site is still being populated by volunteers.

The project map is a work in progress.


Our Active Campaigns page sets out how you can help the trust!

The Planning system can be confusing, so we've written a guide.


Keep up to date with the latest Castlegate regeneraiton news.


Projects completed, proposed or on site.. 

A lot has happened on Sheffield's rivers since the floods of 2007... new riverside parks, residential and retail development, new fish passes, and most importantly, a whole lot of tidying up by the River Stewardship Company.  

New riverside projects are now giving the Trust a chance to make an even bigger difference and get you closer to the river:-

Sylvester Street "Platform_"

Mixed use development with a riverside park and new access to the Porter Brook

One of the Trust's main activities is to organise volunteer led 

clean ups of the River Sheaf & Porter Brook.


Follow our project to reveal the hidden rivers at Sheffield Station.


This page is under construction.


This page is under construction.


A page following the evolving plan for around Sheffield Midland Station.

Porter Brook Pocket Park.JPG



Porter Brook Pocket Park

Matilda Street now has a new flood defence park

Waitrose Porter Brook Viewing Area,

Part of the Porter Brook Trail 





Beyond the Megatron...

Demolition of the Castle Market gives us a chance to de-culvert almost 100 metres of dangerously weak culvert and make a feature of the magnificent  "Megatron"

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