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Projects completed, proposed or on site.. 

A lot has happened on Sheffield's rivers since the floods of 2007... new riverside parks, residential and retail development, new fish passes, and most importantly, a whole lot of tidying up by the River Stewardship Company.  

New riverside projects are now giving the Trust a chance to make an even bigger difference and get you closer to the river:-

Nursery Street Pocket Park.JPG
Sylvester Street Development.JPG

Sylvester Street

Mixed use development with a riverside park and new access to the Porter Brook

Nursery Street flood defence park  

Porter Brook Pocket Park.JPG

Porter Brook Pocket Park

Matilda Street now has a new flood defence park

Castlegate Proposal Sheaf Field Park.JPG

Beyond the Megatron...

Demolition of the Castle Market gives us a chance to de-culvert almost 100 metres of dangerously weak culvert and make a feature of the magnificent  "Megatron"



concept  design


under construction

Size Doesn't Matter... 

Our projects don't all have to be this big to count .  We are also interested in waymarking, wildlife, interpretation, art projects, and your good ideas...just making the river look tidy makes a tremendous difference, you would be amazed at how much plastic we have shifted with the assistance of the Riverside Stewardship Company and the City Ranger Service

River Stewardship Company cropped.jpg


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