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Dunkin Donuts, Queens Road KFC (Update)

Dear supporters and members,

a short update on the proposed Dunkin Donuts.

Image: Proposed Views from Queens Road

The applicant has submitted a revised layout for the proposed Dunkin Donuts on Queens Road.

This moves the bin store away from the River Sheaf and provides new Riverside picnic benches, which are welcomed changes.


outstanding issues include:

  • No waymarking to clarify public access

  • No access ladder to help with litter and maintenance

  • Invasive buddelia

  • No lighting strategy for the new dark corner created by the unit

  • No biodiversity net gain to the river, inline with the Humber Basin Management plan and the council's planning policies.

Documents may be viewed here:

We expect this to go back before the planning committee this March.

Image: New proposed layout

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