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The Broadfield dead end River Sheaf Walk


We are disappointed to report that the new football centre on Little London Road has been approved without the missing 20 meters of River Sheaf Walk which would have connected the Broadfield ‘dead end’ to Little London Road. To be clear, the applicant, Tekkers football met with the Trust and was extremely supportive of providing this link. It would have benefited visitors and people following the river. The landowners, the locally based Lavers Regeneration Limited, owned by the Laver Family (not to be confused with National Timber Group who bought the "Arnold Laver" brand) prevented this key missing link from being delivered. This is confirmed by the planning officer's report. We thank of all of our supporters who took the time to write in objections, including Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust and local councillors. The council are also very supportive of a future riverside walk here but was unable to force this through the planning process, given the relatively small changes taking place. Below is a copy of the council officers relevant report which sets out the issues faced.

These two extracts sum up the issues faced.

"Despite extensive discussions during the determination of this application, the proposal does not include any walkway along the river. Whilst the applicants were said to be largely supportive of providing the path, it is understood that that the owner of the land was not supportive." "If an application were to come forward in the future for a more comprehensive redevelopment scheme, rather than a change of use and/or tenant of the building, like those on other sites where paths have been secured, it would be a different situation and this conflict would be afforded more weight."

A summary map of our proposals

The existing, dead end, River Sheaf Walk, awaiting connection.

The short distance to connect with the former Arnold Lavers yard.

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