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The redevelopment of Castlegate is expected to begin in early 2024.  The Council has secured planning permission and is expected to appoint contractors soon.  Final discussions about the final design and plan for the site are imminent.  We are continuing to press for the full deculverting of the Sheaf and for tiered access to the river.  The Council is, after much delay, introducing improved governance arrangements for the whole project, in which we hope to participate.  This will give us the opportunity to contribute to the final plan and be involved in overseeing progress thereafter. We are also supporting the Council's search for additional funding for the project, the costs of which have inevitability been hit by inflation.

In the meantime we are continuing to inform people about and celebrate the Sheaf and the Castle site.  Our stall at the Castlegate Festival attracted lots of interest and we took hundreds of people on tours of the Castle site.


The Council's latest vision for the confluence of Sheaf & Don.

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The Trust's vision for Castlegate...daylighting the river Sheaf, active play, space for water, art, culture and history.

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