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Porter Brook Trail - Avec Building 'Missing Link'



Following the Planning Committee meeting, we are now working with Sheffield City Council, Sheffield City Region and the Environment Agency to provide a temporary footpath extension. 

Please check back for further updates.

The Local Planning Authority recommend that the applicant give consideration to the provision of a temporary footpath adjacent to the river together with river restoration. The applicant is encouraged to actively engage with the City Region, the Environment Agency, the Sheaf and Porter Rivers Trust and any other relevant stakeholders should a temporary solution be possible.


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A Planning Application has been lodged by the Council’s Property Service for the demolition of the AVEC Building which sits between the Pocket Park and the next section  of riverside access through the YAS site and its reclamation .


Unfortunately the application proposes that the site is simply turned into a temporary car park pending its eventual redevelopment along with the adjoining NCP car park both of which are owned by the  Council. Any continuation of the riverside access or re-naturalisation of the river is left to the future development, which given current uncertainty in the economy could be some considerable time away.


The Trust is calling for the missing link in the riverside path to be included now in the Councils site reclamation works along with the extension of the restoration work to the channel which has proved so transformational and popular. Our proposal is set out in sketch form on the attached plan. We have been in discussion with YAS who we hope will agree to open up their ‘permissive’ route  24/7 instead of the current practice of only unlocking it when the studios are open.

Other developments upstream of Matilda St are at various stages of opening up access and re-naturalising the river  too , so this is a key ‘missing link’ as can be seen on the Opportunities plan at the bottom of this page.


It would be much appreciated if you could make an 'objection' to the current proposal of only extra car parking and supportive comments for the demolition aspect of the application and encourage any other neighbouring businesses to do the same.


 The application reference Ref. No: 20/04543

 Link here:

Lower Porter - Opportunities for Regener
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