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Riverside News

Sheaf Valley

The concrete blocks on Little London Road which were installed as part of the council's new Sheaf Valley cycle route will be replaced with permanent landscaping later this year.

We will be trying to convince the council, as part of these works, to improve the riverside area on the route.

Suggestions include:

  • replacing the tired railings with standard riverside railings,

  • removing the now unnecessary large yellow sign,

  • adding a bench with a bin as a resting place and;

  • a nameplate sign on the bridge to celebrate the River Sheaf here.

 A key opportunity is to re-route the long established and signed River Sheaf Walk, which turns down Rydal Road towards Abbeydale Road, back along the riverside. The underpass of the railway was considered too dangerous and inaccessible in the early 2000s, due to the lack of a footpath.

Nether Edge Cycle Route

Work on this long planned route is yet to start, but when it does it should include public realm improvements around the junction of Cemetery Road and London Road, including possibly a lightwell into the river and a better setting for the river viewing area adjoining the Waitrose site.

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