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Putting the Sheaf back into Sheffield

Welcome to the Sheaf and Porter Rivers Trust homepage.

Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust have responded to the Castle Site planning application.

See it in full

A summary:

While we warmly welcome the improvements proposed by the council,

We need your help to:


• Request the council to obtain planning permission to fully deculvert the river within the new park, including the deteriorated section they wish to retain.


• Create access down to river level, unfenced for leisure, maintenance and emergency

rescue access.


When submitting a planning comment, we ask you do not object, but you chose the following options

stance -> neutral

reason for comment -> other representation.


Got stuck with the confusing planning system?

We have a guide


Rivers of Wildlife - Any sightings?

Cycleway Crayfish.jpg

This crayfish doesn't want you to pass by on his cycleway! 


We love to hear about your wildlife sightings, especially birds at this time of year. 


Along our rivers you might see wagtails, coots, kingfisher, grey herons, mandarin ducks, and maybe a reed bunting.

Our member John would love to read about your sightings, especially evidence of breeding birds - nests, young, parents carrying food to nests etc. - including Sand Martins, Kingfishers (both nest in holes in the bank or cliffs), Mandarin Ducks (nests in trees), Grey Wagtails and Dippers so please send them to

Sheffield - The Outdoor City


Our Urban Caving Tours of the Megatron will be back in Summer 2023.  See our "Guided Tour" page for  more information

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