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Welcome to the website for the Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust.

We are a registered charity, covering the Porter Brook from Hunters Bar down to Sheffield Station and the

River Sheaf from Millhouses Park to the confluence with the River Don at Castlegate.

This website is your place to hear the latest news from the trust, learn about our many active campaigns to improve the rivers, find maps of the riverside walks, read up on our extensive research and during the summer months,

book our tours.

Key pages

Riverside Trails - Petition with us!


Please support this request to sign an e-petition from our sister river trust the Upper Don Trail about the proposed shelving of the ambitious Trails Project, restoration of the Little Don and other locally proposed projects around the town Our target is 2,500 signatures so please help and circulate as widely as possible  


In 2021 Stocksbridge was granted £24m Levelling Up funding for ten projects spanning economy, health, environment and leisure aimed at reviving the whole town and its quality of life. 

A ‘Town Deal’ Board was established to guide the programme and represent and consult the community.


The approved programme included the following:

‘Cycle and walking trails – building on Stocksbridge’s position as a gateway to the countryside, we will invest in improving and extending cycle and walking trails, including the Upper Don Trail and a new off-road loop around Underbank reservoir, attracting more visitors and leisure users, and supporting the move to active modes of travel. A new visitor hub and cycle hire facilities will encourage people to start and end their trip in Stocksbridge.’

The map above shows how the project would have substantially completed the trail around Stockbridge. Almost three years later the Board has just announced that the Trails Project and several others including a Hydrotherapy Pool and restoration of the Little Don River are to be shelved. £20m (or 84%) of the total is to be spent on just  a new Library and Community Hub, replacing the existing one, with  public spaces on Manchester Road. Apart from some improvements in Oxley Park and possibly a new Hopper bus route all the rest of the programme is therefore unfunded and on indefinite hold.


No cost benefit or factual justification for this drastic decision have been offered to the public beyond general reference to ‘inflation’ and no consultation on the decision has been offered, with the public or voluntary sector partners such as the Town Council,  Upper Don Trail, Sustrans or Stocksbridge Welcomes Walkers contrary to Government guidance for the Levelling Up Funds.


Many local people have questioned the justification and worth of demolishing and rebuilding the existing library at the cost of so many other initiatives.


Our target is 2,500 signatures so please help and circulate as widely as possible.


We the undersigned therefore call on Sheffield City Council to step in as the Accountable Body for these funds and insist on full publication of the business cases for these decisions followed by fresh public consultation and a complete review of governance and transparency of the Board to comply with Government guidance and City Council policy.


To sign the petition click here...


Headline News


We need your help!

Fly-tippers struck between Granville Road and Duchess Road. Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust have dealt with this swiftly!

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Volunteers spring into Action!

Cycleway Crayfish_edited.jpg

Share your wildlife sightings

Please consider sharing your interesting river corridor wildlife sightings with us by sending details / photos on to our member John le Corney at


Costa Coffee,
Campaign Success!

Read about our successful at the proposed Costa Coffee, Queens Road.

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