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Each link will take you to up to date information on each Active Campaign.


Lidl St Marys Gate

The Plans by Lidl have been withdrawn, following our successful campaign.

See our webpage for full details.


Brook Place, Phase 2

This is a major development between Summerfield Street and Napier Street, with plans for a new section of Porter Brook Trail.

Details for the Brook Place, Phase 2 plans are on our blog page.

We need your help to ensure a high quality path is developed, with some minor tweaks,


Dunkin Donuts, Queens Road


Help secure a better future for another half finished section of the River Sheaf Walk.

Background information:

Where to join our objections:


Costa Coffee Queens Road


Help us secure the River Sheaf Walk extension, as stated in their legal agreement.


Broadfield Buisness Park

Update: The Broadfield Business Park developer has had their planning application approved.
The public park on Broadfield Close, around the the "Hand" statue will be fenced off for the duration of the building works while they build a new office block on the tree lined path, opposite the Hardy Pick Pub.

The image below shows the extend of the fenced off area.
The fencing has already appeared to close off the park and we expect building work to start soon.

We are asking members to monitor progress to check they stick to approved plans and also deliver the "offsetting" agreed at the area between Broadfield Road and the Footbridge close to Virgin Gym.



A developer is seeking to block off the public park & block the half-finished River Sheaf Walk.  We are seeking clarity on this item. The developers construction plans show them unnecessarily blocking off the public area with what could be a long term fence.  In the meantime, objections are encouraged to prevent loss of public space.

Image below shows "Security Fence" alongside "Timber Hoardings" which are a more usual form of temporary fencing. This directly links to the former Lavers yard, so it is a critical time now to downgrade the mothballed River Sheaf Walk which sits ready for extension.



We are disappointed to report that the new football centre on Little London Road has been approved without the missing 20 meters of River Sheaf Walk which would have connected the Broadfield ‘dead end’ to Little London Road.

To be clear, the applicant, Tekkers football met with the Trust and was extremely supportive of providing this link. It would have benefited visitors and people following the river.

The landowners, the locally based Lavers Regeneration Limited, owned by the Laver Family (not to be confused with National Timber Group who bought the "Arnold Laver" brand) prevented this key missing link from being delivered. This is confirmed by the planning officer's report.

We thank of all of our supporters who took the time to write in objections, including Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust and local councillors. The council are also very supportive of a future riverside walk here but was unable to force this through the planning process, given the relatively small changes taking place.

Full details can be found our blog.


STEPS Missing Link Application

We are chasing the council to ensure an already agreed section of the River Sheaf Walk is built.

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