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1. Former Staples and Mothercare stores...Aim to improve bank treatment and public access on redevelopment of site or with co-operation of owners Aberdeen Investments

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2. Decathlon. Repairs to collapsed culvert will retain part-daylighting of downstream section. Discussions with EA for naturalisation works in the channel. Potential for removal of more or all of the remaining culvert and
further naturalisation if the store site is redeveloped. 

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3. Chapel . Possible river corridor  and ring road landscaping scheme

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4.  Sylvester Street A , Westrock private rental scheme with enhanced river bank and new public access  now apporved but interface with upstream and downstream riverbanks not fully resolved

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5. Sylvester Street B.  Proposed residential scheme with riverside access - interface with upstream and downstream sections not fully resolved.  Disused private bridge should be removed but ownership unknown.

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6. Alsop Fields. City Estates scheme on site (residential) with some workspace now complete and occupied but path is not yet open to the public...pending

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7. Triple Point (formerly Sentinel) Brewery.  Future plans for riverside beer garden or terrace.

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8. Matilda Tavern.  Residential scheme .  Construction work in progress

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9. Matilda Street Pocket Park. Sheffield City Council disposing of car park site for non-student residential redevelopment for PRS with ground floor commercial space.   Vandalism and graffiti issues.  Mural recently completed. Opportunities here for Riverside events with projections on to blank rear wall of UTC Sheffield.

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10. Persistence Works. Permissive right of way, currently closed at night. Needs expanding / renegotiating as a public right of way with 24 hour access.

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11. BBC Radio Sheffield car park. 

The Environment Agency, Sheffield City Council, supported by the Sheaf and Porter Brook Trust are seeking the removal of the 35 metre long culvert to improve flood capacity and extend the public walkway constructed from Matilda Street.  Currently in discussion with landowners.

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Midland Station HS2 concept illustration

12. Sheaf Square, Owned by the Homes and Communities Agency this site has been on the market since 2008.  There may be an opportunity to re-naturalise the Porter Brook here and provide public access as part of the HS2 Station alterations.  The Sheaf culverts under the station are unlikely to be exposed, but we could bring in some light tubes, or solar powered LED illumination to enable fish and wildlife passage. 

Sheaf square Existing.JPG
Sheaf Square.JPG
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