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Costa Coffee, Queens Road

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

In response to the latest application by the Costa Coffee Developer, we have submitted the following objection:

"Ms Grant,

I refer to the above application on which we and many others commented with a principal aim of securing a continuation of good quality public access to the River Sheaf, consistent with the adjoining completed sections.

It appears that in their recent submission of deatils the applicants are attempting to row back on specifications submitted and approved in their planning permission.

Their legal agreement with the Council includes the following specifications:

- Sheffield Riverside Style Railings, to match the existing but closed section. [These are black ballpost steel railings see attached]

- Tegula Concrete Sett Paving for the walkway surface

- A temporary lightweight fence across the gap where the new path means the closed River Sheaf Walk to allow connection without significant cost.

What they are now proposing is:

- 1100m high black metal railings of a different style

- bound gravel for the walkway

- New 2.4m high close boarded timber fence which will also extend fully to the riverside, making re-connecting to the existing walkway more difficult.

We therefore object to these changes which undermine the intentions and quality of the approved plans.

A further concern is that along the bound gravel path are shown "large standard trees". In our previous comments we raised concerns about planting trees within the riverside walk and adjoining a retaining wall where they would soon start to create an obstruction and possibly affect the structural integrity of the wall and surface. It seems like as these trees grow out, they will swiftly make the path unusable, both in terms of width and evenness of the surface. Trees should be planted in the parking bays, not the riverside walk.

Finally the site already has a Sheaf Trail waymarking wheel, provided by public subscription. This is currently located next to the bridge but should be relocated to where the new riverside path joins the public footpath, and should be cleaned and refurbished.

Simon Ogden

Sheaf and Porter Rivers Trust"

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