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Costa Coffee, Queens Road, a further objection

Dear Case Officer, We are pleased to see the latest plans address many of the concerns raised by ourselves and other objectors. In particular: - The temporary light weight securing fence at the southern boundary has been re-implemented. - Trees have been moved out of the footpath, into appropriate locations - Riverside footway surface material has been restored to the material set out in the legal agreement.

Our remaining issues (which form the basis of this further objection) are: - The proposed riverside railings do not match the legal agreement (Sheffield Riverside Railings), see photo of adjacent section at Travis Perkins/Big Yellow. The latest available design still states "1100mm high black metal railings" of the incorrect type. The use of a robust, consistent and readily available railing type is important for the legibility of the route as well as for future maintenance. - No details of safety signage, as set out in the legal agreement. There is a final safety issue at the southern boundary. When the lightweight fencing is removed, there will be a gap in the fall protection, highlighted yellow. In the interest of public safety, the riverside railings should continue along the yellow marked area. This would then connect into the existing riverside railings on the currently closed section, forming a continuous boundary treatment. I have attached a photo of this from our in-river surveys. On the right hand side, you can just make out where the riverside railings terminate. Application 08/05537/COND, document "Landscaping & riverside walk" shows this in detail, reinforcing the established planning precedent. Current application

In-river photo

2008 Riverside plans, listing boundary fencing as "Five Weirs Balustrades"

Condition 23 states the riverside marker is to be relocated to the riverside walkway entrance. The latest submission shows that it is to remain in its current position. In order to facilitate the removal of the potential flood risk protrusion of the riverside wall, it is likely the information board would require relocation to enable building works. Therefore, in line with the planning condition, it should be relocated. (Planning app: 21/03835/COND2) 23. Before development commences, full details of how the existing riverside way marker / information board is to be re-located within the site, shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority and the development shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details before the unit is occupied and thereafter retained. Reason: In the interests of visual amenity.

If the applicant is able to demonstrate the following, we will be in a position to withdraw our objections;

- Riverside Railing returned to Sheffield Riverside style, in accordance with the legal agreement.

- Water Safety signage, in accordance with the legal agreement.

- Riverside railings connect into existing, not leaving a gap, in the interest of public safety.

- Information board moved to the entrance of the riverside walk, in accordance with condition 23.

Kind regards,

Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust

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