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River Sheaf Clean Up

24 volunteers supported by Chris, Matty and Bobbie from the River Stewardship Company braved the early morning rain on Saturday to clean up the River Sheaf up and downstream from Duchess Road. Three mattresses, a couple of duvets, three bikes, a double buggy, an armchair, a two metre length of metal fencing, a shopping trolley, audio equipment, two suitcases, several metres of plastic piping and a huge quantity of other rubbish were removed from the river, river bank and adjacent paths, leaving this section of the river much improved. Many thanks to all the volunteers, the RSC team (especially for the thankless task of subsequently removing everything we'd cleared from the river) and the Environment Agency for funding this work. We'll be organising more clean ups in the new year - if you'd like to get involved you'd be very welcome.

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