Sheaf Valley HS2 proposals

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Major changes to the Sheaf Valley are proposed in the Sheffield Midland Station and Sheaf Valley draft Development Framework (recently posted on the City Council website and featured in the press) including moving the Supertram line across the valley to Pond Street and replacing it with the inner ring road… a huge undertaking, dwarfing the 2007 £23 million northern inner relief road.

Associated regeneration projects shown on the plan below include:

  • A new cycle/pedestrian ‘Garden Bridge’ across the railway station and over the new Ring Road to Sheaf Valley Park and new shops and bars facing Sheaf Square

  • Redeveloped and smaller bus transport interchange at Pond Street

  • Some nice looking cycle routes and a bike hub

  • An exciting extension of the Grey to Green linear promenade from Park Square to Granville Square

  • Redevelopment of the Sheaf Gardens industrial estate off St Marys Road…for residential perhaps?

  • A bogglingly complicated Granville Square super-junction

  • Redevelopment of the Park Square Roundabout site

  • Demolition of the QPark multi story station car park for redevelopment and its replacement at Suffolk Lane.

But no daylighting of our lovely rivers trapped below or other improvements such as re-naturalisation or lightwells!

Although there is no formal consultation being offered at the moment it's important that the rivers are given proper consideration in the next stage of design and feasibility.

See the full plan and description here.

Then let us know what you think, email us at and we’ll pass your comments on to the City Council. Alternatively, you can write directly to the Director of Growth Services

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