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News and Events on the Sheaf and Porter

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We cleaned up...and decorated too!

Sep 2019

What an epic weekend for the Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust and so many people to thank!

Thanks a blueion to the Friday evening River painting squad who did such a magical job of painting the River Sheaf on Exchange Street so that hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds could engage with the river on Saturday afternoon :) It was truly magical to see this and to see the reactions of people when they discovered they were standing over the river Sheaf as it runs through the World famous Megatron culvert!

Thanks a squidillion to all the hundreds of people who got involved in engaging with the "River", by drawing on it or stopping to chat with us and show your support for our cause :)

I only wish we had, somehow, tried to track the uptake as I counted at least 10 different languages being spoken and we had everyone from children to homeless people engaging with it. We are discussing exploring a way to make it a permanent feature across the city, way-marking the rivers so that people can engage with them and have a relationship with them that has been lost since the 1800's. Imagine conversations, referencing locations as being "next to the river" or "just over the river" even when the river remains hidden, and the splash of colour throughout the city. This would also help to push the idea of daylighting them where possible and hopefully generate a greater social and environmental conscious where the rivers are concerned.

Anyone, wishing to support us in our vision or help in other ways please don't hesitate to get in touch with us or at least share the word and keep an eye on our page for similar future projects.

#Hiddenriversheffield #Megatron #paintingtheriver #sheffieldisawesome #outdoorcity #communityart #daylighting #rivers #wildswimming

Broadfield Park Clean Up crop.jpg

And a clean up at Broadfield Park too

Sept 2019

The 2nd part of our thank yous for this weekends activities :D

Thanks a ton or two (the rubbish removed from in and around the river at Broadfield Park), to Decathlon UK for sponsoring the #WorldCleanupDay2019 event and to our friends Mike and Elizabeth at River Stewardship Company for dealing with the stress of running such a huge event (over 100 awesome Sheffielders were involved on the day).

Grazie mille to Nina, from Nina&Sons. Milliners, for bringing her haute couture hat making skills to the task of Fish Hat making on the day :) With over 30 made we would say it was a great success.

Vielen dank, to Sally from our friends Sheffield General Cemetery for bringing her skills to bear in supervising the path clearances so that RSC could deal with the river and bank work.

Loads of bat love for the Batmen and Batgirls from South Yorkshire Bat Group for their further help with bat monitoring in the Megatron and their assistance with helping us in avoiding causing undue harm or distress to the Daubenton bats present down there.

Most of all thank you to all of you who came and took part in the various events and showed your support for the Sheaf & Porter Trust, without you guys we wouldn't be able to achieve any of the things we do, or are working towards.

#workingtogether #sheffieldisawesome #sheffield #batman #outdoorcity #sheffieldhiddenrivers #megatron #daylighting #community

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